While there are many environmental and socially responsible reasons to serve only sustainably-sourced, natural, organic, artisan made and harvested ingredients, our principle is much simpler. . .it just tastes better!  Our staff goes to great lengths to ensure a higher quality dining experience with varied seasonal menus.  We believe a great meal should be born of passion, tradition and celebration.  As you browse our menus, we hope to entice your palate and spark your enthusiasm for an exceptional dining experience.  Eat well.  Be well.


Often the only ingredients thought of in a restaurant are the ones you cook with.  Thanks to all of those who have added their “spice to the pot” - we are more delicious for your efforts.

The Torn Leaf Designs, LLC
(designer extraordinaire)

Carrie Viohl of Studio Viohl
(a soulful photographer-check out her pix on our site)

Jackie Ellis of OSOArtworks
(creative guru extraordinaire & retail design maven)

Sweet Grass Dairy
(local cheeses that are award-winning & amazingly diverse)

Grassroots Coffee
(local suppliers & roasters of our fresh whole coffee beans)

Southern Seafood
(fresh fish, shellfish & water-bound goodies)

Thompson Farms (porktastic meats)

Artisanal, Murray’s & All Small Farmstead Dairies
(magical cheese. . .’nuf said!)

Bill’s Bees
(Amazing local raw wildflower honey from Bill Foster of Monticello, FL)

Mary Lou Laslie
(micro greens grown with love)

Bunny Byrne
(full-time voice of reason & The Thomasville Townie)

The Chef’s Garden
(produce utopia)

(all things truffle & duck)