Jun 1 2012



Poitou-Charentes – April 15

 The region is most famous for the strong but silky smooth spirit, cognac, but there are plenty more local specialities to try.

There’s wine – yes, wine! – and a delicious aperitif called pineau.

Ultra-fresh oysters of Marannes-Oléron that are sought after all over France, plus langoustines, prawns, crab and mussels to fish caught in the sea and rivers and lakes. 

Franche-Comte – May 13

Bordering Switzerland & the Jura Mountain range, this region has hearty ingredients including the famous Comte cheese & amazing wines! 

 Mayotte, Guadeloupe, Martinique,

Reunion,- June 17 (4 courses)

This off-country regions offer a unique insight into the cuisine of French settlers, along with African & Indian influences.  

These combinations make for an amazing variety of seasonings, techniques and ingredients!

All dinner begin @ 6:30 pm @ $45++ include food & beverages.

Come join us as we explore cuisines & wine from France’s 27 diverse regions.   Reservations required.

Jun 1 2012



The first Tuesday of every month, join our fun group of locals, getting together and talking about the beers we like and tasting them too!  LIKE Liam’s and The Thomasville Beer Club on FACEBOOK to stay up on all upcoming beer-related events in the area!


LOBSTER”FEAST” 2014- July 15

Every year we gather friends and guests to host a feast of Live Maine Lobsters, with all the unlimited accompaniments you can eat!

Two complimentary beverages included (beer/wine).  $60 pp ++.  Limited space, reservations required 229-226-9944. Begins @ 6:30 pm



begins July 22

Beginning in July, the “TASTE OF . . .” dining series is off to explore and taste the

great shellfish and seafood of some of the most pristine waters of the world.  Eat, drink & learn about the cultures, distilleries and

farming techniques that produce amazing vegetables, cattle & lamb as well as the wild game of Scotland, England and the Irish country sides.